We’re More Than Just Good Looks

New Republic is about craftsmanship. Every single shoe we develop is carefully constructed with technical expertise. Because we believe style and quality belong together.

Check out what goes into making a New Republic shoe.

The planning process of building a shoe requires using a 3d wooden or plastic mold called a "last", some basic shoemaking tools, and "grading" patterns to measure the different sizes.Quality boots have lots of pieces: a "Collar" on top, an "Elastic Gusset", a "Pull Tab" to help you get it on, a "Back Spine" to reinforce it, a thick raised Heel to give you height, and more.Dress shoes have an "Upper" which is the encasing piece at the top of the shoe, a "Toe Cap" to reinforce the toe region of the shoe, a "Quarter" on the ankle or heel, and a thick Outsole to health your shoe last for years and years.