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Italian Style footwear: Chuck, Dominic, Huxley, Trevor, Houston, Belfort, & Baker

Italian Style Footwear Fit

Generally speaking, Dress shoes run a full size larger than traditional US dress shoes. Regarding toe space as it relates to fit, you cannot assess the fit of our shoes by the amount of extra space in the toe area. There will always be room past your toes, that’s how our lasts are designed. Resist the urge to push down where the front of your toes are.

Your focus in regards to sizing should be how well your heel sits in the shoe, if there is enough width across the widest part of your toe, and if you can comfortably walk in the shoe. Are you experiencing minor heel slippage in our shoes? That’s completely normal as the shoes will take a few wears to conform to your feet. Please note, if your heel is coming entirely out of the shoe, it’s too large!

Styles that have Italian fits: Chuck, Dominic, Huxley, Trevor, Houston, Belfort and Baker


True to Size footwear: Ace, Kurt, Ernest, Ripley, Barclay, & Cooper

True to Size Footwear

All these styles fit according to standardized sizing, that means there is not a lot of room at the front of the shoe, and the styles tend to fit more like a sock. If your feet are wide there is probably the need to go half a size up.

Styles that fit true to size: Ace, Kurt, Ernest, Ripley, Barclay, Cooper

A chart showing where your toes will fit in the different footwear fit styles.

The proper way to measure your foot.

The Perfect Fit Facts

  • No two pair of feet are the same.
  • Your left foot and right foot are not the same size or width.
  • Your feet swell and get bigger during the average work day. What fits in the morning will not necessarily fit the same when you get off work.
  • Ideally there should be about half an inch, or 1-1.5cm, between your big toe and the inside of the shoe.