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NR x Nosotros Bowery Canvas Sneaker

We launched this 1/100 NR x Nosotros sneaker, paired with a complementary Mezcal bottle exclusively to friends and family to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year. 


We received an incredible response from our communities and decided to open this limited edition Bowery to the public for pre-order to continue the celebration. 

An Unexpected Match-Made In Heaven

This collaboration celebrates two LA brands that share one common purpose: To develop premium, artisan-quality goods with an immaculate attention to detail. We create our products with a single-minded devotion to perfection. After your first step and first sip, you’ll soon realize, this partnership is undeniable

Behind The Design

Each pair of Bowery’s is made to order at our warehouse here in LA. We thoughtfully co-branded our most versatile silhouette with minimalistic designs throughout the sneaker

NR x AO Painted Canvas Sneaker

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